What I Want for Valentine’s Day: A DIY Collage

IMG_0050While creating this project, I decided to do a Google search for the phrase What do you want to call into your life on Valentine’s Day?

Here were the top hits I got:

• Should You Contact Your Ex on Valentine’s Day?
• 7 Things NOT to do for your Boyfriend on Valentine’s Day
• Got a Semi-Boyfriend? Here’s How to Celebrate Valentine’s Day!

Ugh!  Sound familiar?

There’s so much advice out there geared towards things we should and should not do on Valentine’s Day. It still feels like a holiday intended to make people who are single feel badly about it, and make people who are coupled feel a lot of pressure to get the absolutely perfect, appropriate present for their partners. Much of the advice is still gender-specific and geared towards heterosexual partnerships.

What if Valentine’s Day was more about what we want to call into our lives, regardless of our partnership status, sexual orientation, or gender? What if it was a day to celebrate the possibilities of the many kinds of love and connection we can create in our lives?

I realized that the best thing I could do for you on this blog is to share a project that I have done that has made me feel hopeful and positive about what I can create for myself.  It’s my version of a desire or vision board. Making art helps me to focus my energies on what is possible and helps me create my own ways of living and being.

I invite you to ask yourself:  What art could you make in order to make Valentine’s Day personally meaningful for you?

Possible collage/desire board ideas include: loving yourself more, deepening a relationship with a partner, letting go of a situation that isn’t working for you anymore, or calling more close friends into your life.  Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be about fear, shoulds, or buying into the Hallmark holiday notions that no longer serve us.

The images in the post were taken from collages that I made about things I wanted more of in my life.

The only materials you really need to do this project are:

• an intention for what you want to call into your life.  Examples could include but are not limited to:  more female/male friendships; a strong and fit body at any age, shape or size; increased financial abundance, or a new creative job;
• a piece of cardboard;
• scissors;
• some magazine images that represent what you want to create for yourself, and
• some glue sticks.

If you’ve got crayons, markers, paint, stickers, glitter, washi tape, or any other art supplies feel free to incorporate those as you want.

My favorite way to do this is to slowly flip through magazines I enjoy (travel themed, luxury fashion) and enjoy the process of picking and selecting images. I arrange and re-arrange all the images on the cardboard, then glue them on only when it feels good.  Then, I paint some acrylic paints in the spaces in between the images where the cardboard shows through, and spray some glitter sprays over the top of the whole thing (Tattered Angels makes some cool ones).  Sometimes, I line the edges of my collage with a pretty washi tape to keep it all together.

Incorporate some words or phrases of your intention into your collage to give it some extra power! (see image below for an example of this):


I hope you enjoy this taking back Valentine’s Day project.

What do YOU want to call into your life this year? Respond in the comments below!





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Hello, I'm Laurel! I live in upstate Manhattan with my boyfriend Charles. I'm passionate about papercrafts, art journaling and sewing as "craft therapy" and bring a fresh and irreverent approach to my projects. I'm also a swing dancer and love vintage style from the 1920s through the 1950s.

5 thoughts on “What I Want for Valentine’s Day: A DIY Collage

  1. So interesting; I’ve been thinking along these lines lately. I’m doing something called The Documented Life Project (part planner, part art journal, part scrapbook), and this month’s prompts have to do with love. I’m focusing on FLY – First Love Yourself, trying to be conscious about the choices I make. Before I do anything I ask myself if this is what I would want for someone I love. A simple thing, and it is having a positive effect on me.
    Thank you for a timely and thoughtful article.
    (We should have another art day!)

    1. FLY – Love that! I’d love to hear more about the Documented Life project. Eileen, thanks so much for your comment. We should have another art day very soon!

  2. Love, love, love this and LOVE you! Agreed with Eileen about another art day. As this day falls on my mother in law’s birthday, we happily focus on her and all the little things she does every day to uplift and encourage her family. I have always wanted to learn more about those popular Desire Maps, so this article is a great starting point. All the best 🙂

    1. Thank you so much for sharing. You’ve just given me a great idea for a new post!!! What a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day!!!

  3. I love this post! I agree with everything you’re saying. I’m excited about using glitter spray and acrylics in all the white spaces in my own collages! Thanks for the tip.

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