Have Coloring Book, Will Travel: Three Awesome Portable Coloring Books for Under $10

Photos by yours truly.

Have you ever wanted to take your coloring books on the road, but didn’t have room?

I’ve been traveling a lot these past few months, and wanted to bring some adult coloring books with me for long plane and bus rides, but didn’t really have space for a large book in my bag. Over the past few months, I’ve become obsessed with finding the perfect portable coloring books and supplies. Here are three high quality, reasonably priced travel sized coloring books that I’ve found, including BONUS recommendations for markers and pencils to match that are easy to bring with you!

My first coloring treasure is the Color-In Book – Sweet Whimsy.

It fits right into the pouch with room for markers
It fits right into the pouch with room for markers

It’s super thin, and about the same size as a Kindle, and it’s perfect for an airline or bus tray table. It even says “Easy to Travel With” on the back! It retails for less than $5 on Amazon, and fits perfectly into one of these clear pouches from Dick Blick, which retail for between $2-3 depending on the size.  This book pairs really well with a set of 36 Seriously Fine Markers. They don’t bleed through the page, are suited to fine coloring, and are $20 or less in comparison with the more expensive Staedtler or Stabilo brands.

The hamsa pictured was colored in with the Seriously Fine markers.

Even though these are available on Amazon, I actually found these two products in person at an Upper East Side store called The Source. It’s so Mom and Pop, they don’t even have a website!  If you are into adult coloring, and live in NYC, I recommend checking them out if you want to support a small business. They have a reasonably priced selection of coloring books and supplies and are really nice people.

The second coloring book I found is called Wings of Flight.

Airline tray table coloring
Airline tray table coloring

This one is made by Wellspring.

As you can see, it fit perfectly on my airline tray table and would fit easily in a purse.  This pocket-sized book costs about $6  Since I purchased it, I discovered that Wings of Flight seems to be back-ordered on Wellspring, but it is available as part of a set on EBay here.  Also, the cousins to this lovely portable book, Nature’s Delight and Ocean Life, are available on Amazon, and are worth checking out.

The third book is the gorgeously designed Johanna Basford Secret Garden Postcards, which is pictured below and costs just under $10.

Postcards you'll want to keep for yourself!
Postcards you’ll want to keep for yourself!

Even though these  are available on line, it’s worth mentioning that I purchased them at Lola of North Beach –a beautiful local card store in the San Francisco Bay Area. They have adult coloring supplies, cards, giftwrap and San Francisco themed items.

While I was in San Francisco, I promised myself that I would have one day with “nothing to do.”  If you know me, it’s not easy for me to do nothing!

I spent most of that day coloring in Washington Park in North Beach.

Happy girl
Happy girl

San Francisco is a city that inspires me. It was a gorgeous sunny day which can be rare in that city.  I spent the entire day coloring, walking around, and eating at cafes in North Beach. It was a treat to get to relax in one of my favorite cities.

I enjoyed this moment of relaxation so much that I ended up buying this San Francisco themed pouch from Seltzer Designs to remember my trip.

San Francisco:  Cold Summer, Warm Heart!


The perfect accessory for in the park coloring!
Perfect for in the park coloring!

Finally, I searched for a set of colored pencils that would travel well and come in a variety of colors that I liked.

I found this fun set of 24 double-sided colored pencils made by Ee-Boo for about $8 at Evangeline’s of Sacramento.

I loved that there are so many colors. There’s even a gold and a silver.  And, they fit perfectly into my new San Francisco pouch.

The colored pencils fit perfectly
The colored pencils fit perfectly

PS – This blog post is all the result of my own personal research – I did it so you don’t have to!  I was not compensated for featuring any of these products. It was a labor of love.

I hope you found this post helpful.

Let me know about your portable coloring adventures in the comments below!!


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