A Tribute To Trashy Diva: Body Positive Pinup Inspiration


Slap and Tickle: Body Positive Inspiration
Slap and Tickle: Inspiration by Trashy Diva

In 2011, I traveled to New Orleans (NOLA) for a swing dance event, and luckily happened to stumble across a wonderful vintage reproduction store called Trashy Diva; which specializes in reproduction vintage clothing. As you might imagine, the Paper Pinup is very fond of vintage and reproduction clothing. Very, very fond indeed! I’ve become a bit of a Trashy Diva addict ever since.

What makes Trashy Diva so unique, you may ask? Every year, using a few select fabrics inspired by actual vintage prints, they make a variety of different dress styles to suit figures ranging from sizes 0-24. Their clothing is designed not only to appeal to reproduction clothing enthusiasts of all shapes and sizes, but is also beautifully made and incredibly flattering. Imagine that!

Yours truly in the Bustle Betty Olivine print, by Trashy Diva
Yours truly in the Bustle Betty Olivine print, by Trashy Diva

This way of creating has worked very well for Trashy Diva. Although they are NOLA based, they also have an on line store, and some websites estimate that their sales are over half a million annually. They have a lot of fangirls, myself included; and also have a Facebook group where members can find dress prints that are no longer available or trade with each other for a different size in a favorite print.

I’m such a fan of their body positive, high quality approach to reproduction vintage clothing that I decided to make a tribute card to them using their Slap and Tickle dress print, a little Photoshop magic, and the Silhouette Cameo!

In order to create this tribute, I had a little help from my wonderful friend Jenny B , who is a terrific photographer, card maker, and friend.

Wearing Trashy Diva and seeing their example has inspired me, and has gotten me thinking about making a line of body positive, pinup-inspired cards.

Have you ever wanted to see more body positive images on cards?  Do you think that the world could benefit from that kind of a product? Please let me know your thoughts! I’d love to hear from you.

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Hello, I'm Laurel! I live in upstate Manhattan with my boyfriend Charles. I'm passionate about papercrafts, art journaling and sewing as "craft therapy" and bring a fresh and irreverent approach to my projects. I'm also a swing dancer and love vintage style from the 1920s through the 1950s.